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Join the worlds most focused online language learning community with the personal guidance of the world’s most accomplished polyglots

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The Polyglot Workshops Online is your chance to learn alongside language experts Richard Simcott and Alex Rawlings, who have studied over 50 languages between them. This exclusive online course will get you speaking your new language faster, more fluently and with more confidence than ever.

Get your questions answered

Weekly team talks with Richard and Alex give you a chance to ask your questions live!

Learn languages like the experts

Our specially designed webinars, videos and emails will have you learning languages like a pro

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Meet other language learners and work with them as a team to achieve your goals.

  • Access an exclusive forum with Richard and Alex on language learning
  • Create a study plan to best use your time, no matter how much you have
  • Learn how to make the best use of your language lessons
  • Make your memory work like never before!

The Schedule

Week 1 Structure your learning
Week 2 Using your resources
Week 3 Learning techniques
Week 4 Moving forwards with your language learning
  • 1Each Monday you will receive a motivational video introducing the tasks for that week.
  • 2On Tuesdays you will have a Team Talk with Alex or Richard to discuss them further.
  • 3Wednesday is webinar day with the whole group
  • 4And on Fridays you’ll get a roundup email of what you’ve covered that week
The Polyglot Workshops were a fantastic experience.
I’m glad I got to know people whom I have been following online for a long time and who gave me and other participants a great amount of helpful advice on how to learn languages (and how to use them in work as well).

Kuba Bednarz

After attending the Polyglot Workshops my motivation is at an all time now. My schedule is worked out, and my mood is saying: Full speed ahead! It’s hard to believe how endlessly inspiring these two guys are.

Anca AndronicRomania

Participating in the Polyglot Workshops Online is a chance to implement Richard and Alex’s advice under their guidance from your own home! Through regular contact with them for a whole month, before long you’ll be speaking, reading and writing your new language better than ever!

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