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    Anca Andronic

    This is something I’ve been quite curious about and then forgot to float around during the team talk.
    Since we are talking about time management and making and scheduling time for learning, I was wondering: do you have a daily routine for language learning that you would care to share? Do you find it important, in terms of keeping you on track and/or motivated?



    Through this web course I have developed a routine with Esperanto. The instant gratification of learning Esperanto is enough of a motivator to keep me doing it every day.

    I learn vocab with Memrise and complete the course before moving onto Lernu! This can be done in one or two days, depending on the rest of my schedule. I tend to do this when I am in bed at night or when I am having my morning coffee.

    When Memrise course is completed, I Work through corresponding Lernu! course.
    I tend to write everything out, like Richard. Even if it is a listening portion or grammar clarifications.
    I have a printed sheets of Correlatives, Prefixes, and Suffixes. I highlight them as they are introduced (even through they are in the Memrise flashcards). If I don’t recognize a word and I see that it is already highlighted, I know I need to review that section.
    As I work through lernu! I review previous courses in Memrise as needed.
    Meet once a week with a tutor on iTalki to practice speaking.

    When I am done with the beginners course, I will learn more vocabulary with either Memrise or Anki and continue with Lernu!. That’s when I plan on starting German. I will probably start German in a similar way and make it the main focus.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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