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    I am looking to share language resources. I am going to share my personal favorites for Thai:

    1. Cracking Thai Fundamentals By Stuart Jay Raj
    It is a great introduction before you start studying. You don’t need to know anything about Thai to read this book. If you started learning Thai, this book will have many “ah-ha” moments. It gives history and context to Thai grammar, spelling, and pronunciation. Plus how Stuart Jay Raj explains the Thai alphabet (especially the vowels) is the most seamless I have come across. Also, he shows you how to make your computer speak in a decent Thai accent. This is wonderful if you don’t want to have to search all over Forvo for audio examples. Plus how he writes the book is very conversational and easy to follow. My favorite part of the book was how he explained tone rules. It changed how I viewed tones. Before you try to learn the tone through any other resource I highly suggest this. Even before video explanation, which says a lot.

    2. Thai: An Essential Grammar by David Smyth
    FREE PDF Version
    This is the “go-to” learn Thai book. After reading Cracking Thai Fundamentals, this book makes more sense and becomes even more user friendly. It is set up similarly to most Colloquial or Teach Yourself books.

    3. ThaiPod101
    This site has high quality videos that give explanations. The site has a lot of material on it. Because Thai resources are so limited, this is a nice place to find almost everything for Thai. The audio is clear and there are transcripts accompanying almost all audio tracks and videos. I would suggest using this for your Thai flashcard system if you are a fan of Memrise and Anki. The flashcards are of higher quality. There is an app as well for convenience.

    4. The Original Thai_English Cognate Dictionary by Livinghour.org
    Because of Thai spelling rules, with cognates you can learn how to spell in Thai faster. English words are easy to read in Thai since they are transliterations and almost match up letter for letter. It is the pronunciation rules that make the cognates unrecognizable when spoken. This book is a great addition to the collection.

    If you have books or online resources that you really love to learn with – share! Please group your resources by language for convenience.

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    Anca Andronic

    Great idea, Jane!

    For Spanish one of my most trusted resources is Linguee; it is my go-to source whenever I’m making flashcards because it offers lots and lots of examples, words in context and also collocations. It works for quite a few other language combinations, as well.

    The absolute best free resource for language learning that I’ve encountered is this series of podcasts for learning Greek, from the Hellenic American Union. It includes 80 lessons with audio and full PDF transcripts, entirely in Greek. I went through the first 15 lessons or so a couple of years ago and found them not only useful but also lots of fun.
    I only wish there was a Serbian-American Union to have produced something similar for Serbian. :)


    Richard Simcott

    The books Alex uses to teach German are the “Menschen” series. Just wanted to confirm that on this thread as the question came up at the Team Talk on Tuesday.



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